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[ This is a independent roleplaying tumblr account, I roleplay a character named Flaky from Happy Tree Friends only in a more 'anime' type version, I tend to use this as my main-tumblr too, so don't expect everything to be in character, if you do not know what HTF is, Look it up on youtube, warning, It's NSFW! ]

( Is there anymore HTF Roleplayers out there?!!! )

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Anonymous sent: 7 days

"Um..What happens in 7 days?"

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Anonymous sent: where are you ? :l

I’ve been in the hospital, I got released the other day, I didn’t remember my password for my Tumblr, so it took me awhile to recover it.

Sorry about that! )

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(hi.. i’m back from my long hiatus, is anyone even following me anymore? u.u..)

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Hey! A-Ah um…

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flippy-fliqpy-deactivated201210 sent: (( Hey there ! Sorry, I have this big exam soon, I won't be here a lot, but I'm glad you came back, I missed you D8 ! How are you ? You went to the hospital? D8 ))

((Haha I understand ! It’s almost near summer, anywho, I’m glad I’m back too.. Kinda ish.. and yeah, I went to the hospital.. ^^; ))

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